Partnerships and Parental Engagement

The Student Representative Body are a collective group of students from all year groups who help shape policy and practice. They are extremely active and are well respected by the whole College community.
Governors play an active role in school life. Aside from fulfilling the role of the ‘critical friend’ to the school leadership, they are constantly seeking ways to improve our school and the learning experiences of the pupils through the close liaison with students, parents and the local community of Abbey College.

A large collective of primary school partners have extremely close links with our school through the full service Extended Schools Provisions and a wide range of joint learning projects.

Community partners are a key part of daily school life providing a range of learning opportunities for our students and through adult provision.

We feel parental voice is an important part in informing our procedures. Parents contribute in a variety of ways including a Parents Forum, online questionnaires, surveys, meeting governors and via the College email. The importance of our Parents’ is reflected in the college successfully achieving the leading PP award in July 2013 showing the extent of our work to inform and engage our Parents.


We take great pride in our school environment and feel that this creates a sense of care and an awareness of global issues and the role our community can play in sustainability.


Our current uniform policy derived by the students, staff and parents (which can be downloaded from our website), has been in place since the amalgamation. Abbey College insists on and maintains a high standard of school uniform. It is a practical uniform comprising a polo shirt and sweatshirt bearing the College logo, with black trousers/skirt and shoes. We ask our Sixth Formers to sign up to a dress code that calls for smart and practical attire.

We believe that wearing a uniform and dressing smartly helps foster a sense of pride and identity and helps in projecting a positive image outside the College.