All policy and practices will fall under the following intents.

  1. Vision for Learning: An engaging vision for 21st Century education based on social, economic, moral and personal learning imperatives guides Abbey and its community.
  2. A Framework for Learning: A coherent approach to building traits that affect how people go about learning drives learning in Abbey and its community.
  3. Teaching Methodologies: Learning opportunities intrigue and motivate learners, develop effective learning habits and enhance content acquisition.
  4. The Learning Environment. The Learning Environment is used constructively to promote positive learning behaviours and reinforce messages about the nature of learning.
  5. Parents, Governors and Community. Abbey works in partnership with parents and carers to develop learning dispositions.
  6. Evaluating the impact. Tracking and authenticating the growth of learning dispositions (with regard to when, where and how well they are used) builds learners’ motivation and informs learning design.
  7. A Language for Learning: A rich language of learning recognising its emotional, cognitive, social and strategic dimensions permeates learning across Abbey and its community.
  8. Leading innovation in learning. Leadership for learning throughout Abbey supports innovation, experimentation and risk taking, building individual independence and responsibility.
  9. CPD policy and strategy. CPD policy and strategy embraces a range of professional learning activities that stimulates and supports communities of enquiry and research in the promotion of effective learning habits for all.