Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum consists of the units outlined below. These cover a range of performing, composing and listening assessments throughout the year that focus on key skills. Students will develop their strengths in these identified key areas before moving each half term onto another focussed set of skills.

Assessment: All assessments are a combination of practical and written work completed in class over a number of lessons. Enabling students to develop vital skills required for success at GCSE level. Students are made aware of what they are being assessed on and how they are assessed early on in the unit.  These assessments are based on 3 Assessment Objectives (AO’s) which have been devised from the GCSE specifications, a copy of which can be found at the front of your child’s music folder.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, Music is assessed by OCR. Across the key stage, Units are covered in detail which link to all areas of performing, composing and listening. With reflection on skills and content taught to students throughout Key Stage 3.

Assessment: 60% Coursework and 40% examination.

Overview of topics being studied

7 Base line test( AO3)
Passenger project
Gamelan Music
(AO1, 2,3)
Programme Music
Pictures at an exhibition
Pop Music
Find Your Voice (vocals, choice of song)
(AO1 Performing)
(AO6 Pop Music)
8 Film Music – James Bond
Pachelbel Cannon
Blues Music
Instruments of Orchestra
Find Your Voice: Pop Music
(AO1 Performing)
Musical Futures project
9 Minimalist/Ensemble Performance skills
(AO1, 2, 3)
Music Theory Grade 1+
Disco Music
Solo Performance skills
Instrument research project
Music Theory Grade 1 +
Line Dancing/Country and Western Music
Ensemble Performance Coursework
Shared Music  
Music Theory Grade 1 +
Programme Music
10 Disco/Line Dancing/Irish Jig and Reel
Ensemble performing Skills
Shared Music  - Different ensembles – Gamelan/Indian Raga
Music Theory(AO3)
Solo Performance Skills/Coursework
Instrument research project
Salsa/Bhangra/Club Dance
Composition 1 – Based on own instrument.
Ensemble Performance Coursework
Shared Music  - Different ensembles – Gamelan/Indian Raga
11 Ensemble Performance (AO1)
Music Theory/Listening Skills
Controlled Assessed Composition 2

Creative Task Preparation and Exam
Coursework Closing Gaps
Revisiting listening paper AOS

Listening Paper preparation