Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum consists of the units outlined below. These cover a range of devising, performing and evaluation assessments throughout the year that focus on key skills. Students will develop their strengths in these identified key areas before moving each half term onto another focussed set of skills.

Assessment: All assessments are a combination of largely practical and some written work completed in class and for learning development over a number of lessons, enabling students to develop vital skills required for success at GCSE level. Students are made aware of what they are being assessed on and how, prior to any assessment preparation taking place.  These assessments are based on 3 Assessment Objectives (AO’s) which have been devised in direct relation to the GCSE specifications, a copy if which can be found in your child’s Drama folder.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, Drama is assessed by AQA. Across the key stage, units are covered in detail which link to all areas of devising, performing and evaluating, with reflection on skills and content taught to students throughout Key Stage 3.

Assessment: 60% Practical Coursework and 40% Written Examination.

Overview of topics being studied

7 Introduction to Drama/A Christmas Carol Silent Movies Performing Shakespeare

Greek Theatre


Staging Gothic Horror

‘Let him Have it’ – Documentary Drama

Commedia Dell’arte

Abstract Drama



Using Stimuli to Devise

‘Age of the Internet’

Starting With Scripts

Theatre in Education/Fractured Fairy Tales

Practitioners 1:

Practitioners 2:


Applying Physical Theatre

‘The Holocaust’

Controlled Assessment 1 – Devised Thematic Drama

Script Workshop

Practitioners 3: Boal

Controlled Assessment 2 – Theatre in Education

Practitioners revisited: Stan & Bertie


Baseline Testing
Trial Exam Prep

Controlled Assessment 3 – Scripted Acting

Theatre Workshop

Practitioners 4: Artaud

Controlled Assessment 4 – Improvisation

Final performance

Exam preparation