We are delighted to advise that we have now have our first student proposed, student led and student concluded whole school project. Our students have changed the House names so that the names reflect the new House/Faculty areas.

We informed parents and carers on 30th June 2015, explaining the realignment of subject areas (Faculties) with the House system, and we now have Houses named after role models/experts famous for working in that field.

The proposal for changing the names was the brainchild of two superb students (who have now won a place on the 2015-16 Prefect Training Programme) in year 10. They proposed that whilst many of the students were moving Houses in the new realignment, it was the optimum time to have a fresh start with House loyalty and for the House names to be meaningful when also referring to the Faculty.

They took the proposal to the Prefect body who overwhelmingly were in agreement and voted to go forward with the plan. The whole group then short listed 4 possible role model/expert candidates for each house and ran a whole school vote (including the new year 7 students on their transition day at the end of summer term 2015). This was decisive student voice and democracy in action.

It was fantastic to see such a mature and driven group of students, developing their school and starting a legacy which will surely live long into the future. We are very proud of them and looking forward to the future competition in the new Houses.

hawking woolf davinci churchill