Mindfulness (5 weeks) - £40

  • Wednesday 18th January 2017, 1900-20.30                               

Ever heard of Mindfulness? This course will introduce you to the techniques used in this form of meditation.  You will then be able to use these techniques to help you reduce stress, become happier, healthier, and calmer and improve your general wellbeing.

Creative Writing, 9 weeks, £68

  • Wednesday 18th January 1930-2100

This course will cover all aspects of creative fiction writing. Through discussion, exercises and example this course will teach techniques, give insight into the creative process and encourage you to achieve your writing goals.

First Aid, 8 weeks, £72

  • Wednesday 18th January 1900-2100

A general first aid course that will cover CPR; choking; external bleeding and wounds; shock and anaphylaxis; injuries to bones, joints and muscles; burns, scalds and minor injuries; unresponsive casualty who is breathing; signs and symptoms of major illnesses.

Employability Skills (4 weeks) Fully Funded

  • Wednesday 8th March 1100–1330 at Ramsey Library

Are you unemployed or in receipt of benefits but thinking about returning to the workforce? If so, then this course is for you. You will learn the necessary skills whilst improving your confidence and communication to help you land that dream job!