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Community Engagement & Careers

(located at the back of reception on the south site)

Staff: Ms Lesley Pollard, Community Engagement and Careers Lead.
Mrs Clare Neville, Community Engagement and Careers Coordinator

Our aim is to allow your child to see the links between what is learnt in the classroom and the outside world.  We hope this will motivate them in lessons and help them to understand how what they learn at Abbey College will prepare them for an exciting and ever changing world.  Throughout their time at Abbey College your child will be involved in numerous activities relating to the world of work.

One of the highlights of Year 10 is when students undertake a period of Work

Experience.  Here they will have the opportunity to relate and put into practice what they have learnt through their preparation lessons in the classroom.  On return to school they participate in de-brief activities where they reflect and review their experience at work.

Our aim is to help your child plan their route through education, in order to make well informed and realistic decisions about their future.  They will take part in a comprehensive careers programme which will help them manage their future career.  It is never too early for your child to think about their future. Career lessons begin in Year 7.

The employment market is changing in ways that makes it more important than ever for students to take personal responsibility for managing their own career development throughout life.  For this, they need to develop the skills to manage their own career including the abilities to reflect and review, to plan and make decisions, to use information resources effectively, to create and to take opportunities.  Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) are an essential component of the overall support which students need.

To help your child with this, the following considerations are taken into account:

  • Which subjects should they study?
  • Which careers would they be suited to?
  • What qualifications do they need to become a…?
  • Where will they go for Work Experience in Year 10?
  • What are their options after GCSE’s?
  • What should they choose – Sixth Form, College, other?

What other help is on offer?

Students have access to a well-resourced careers library, with a wide range of current publications and prospectuses, and they can be accessed each school day at break and lunchtimes.  There is also careers computer software which can be accessed from any school’s networked computers.  If students have a query or want to talk to someone face to face, then they can call at the Careers office and see Ms Pollard or Mrs Neville.

The support students receive……

  • We offer individual information, advice and guidance which will be unbiased and impartial.
  • We will help students make the decisions; we do not make them on their behalf.
  • Information will be up to date and covers all the options available to students.

This support will empower students to reach well-informed, reasoned decisions about their future education, training and occupations.  Students will be encouraged to recognise and utilise their academic and non-academic skills to achieve their true potential in life and foster a culture of life-long learning.

Each month we try to organise Careers Friday, where all students have the opportunity to come along and listen to a business, organisation or individual about their chosen career.

Each year we organise a CEIAG Event, where students can find out about a wide variety of careers and ask questions on a one-to-one basis.  The CEIAG Event can provide many ideas for possible careers and should ensure that when students are choosing their GCSE options later in the academic year, they will have some idea of the qualifications they require to pursue a chosen career path.

All students at Abbey College will be using Fast Tomato



Fast Tomato is an impartial careers diagnostic quiz that motivates students to consider options that they may previously have thought were unattainable by opening up an inspirational world of course and careers opportunities.
Sophisticated psychometric assessments are used to highlight each person's interests, attitudes and motivations. Using the assessments information, Fast Tomato can then provide personally tailored careers and course suggestions.
Students are given genuine insights into accurate and highly relevant career information which enables them to take ownership of their career path.

Impartial careers information, advice and guidance – why is it important?

Students with knowledge and skills will be able to self-manage their learning and careers as well as enabling them to make informed choices that take account of their personal abilities, needs and preferences.

Why Fast Tomato?

  • It’s simple and easy to use.  
  • Four questionnaires provide a profile to help students understand how their interests and personalities might influence career and subject choices.
  • Descriptions of over 600 different career options, most with case studies and videos.
  • Guidance on subjects required for particular careers with HE (Higher Education) course. information drawn from UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and non-UCAS databases.
  • Action Plan template to help students record and target exam subjects appropriate to career choices.
  • Links and signposting to a range of websites to help with research.

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