Abbey College Uniform

New uniform

  • White shirt (long sleeve or short sleeve purchased from any supplier)
  • Blue clip on tie (pin stripes to represent year of entry)
    • Year 7 Sept 2016: Yellow stripes
    • Year 8 Sept 2016: Red stripes
    • Year 9 Sept 2016: Blue stripes
    • Year 10 Sept 2016: White stripes
    • Year 11 Sept 2016: Green stripes
  • Royal Blue blazer with logo (male and female fits)
  • Black trousers (two styles for girls and boys to be purchased from School Plus)
  • Black skirt (two styles for girls) to be worn with black opaque tights
  • Black smart leather shoessuitable for business interviews (no trainers, canvas or leisure shoes)
  • House pin badge (still to be designed but will be added later in 2016)

Optional: Black jumper with royal blue trim to match the blazer. This will be available to purchase from the school shop, from November 2016.

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Summer uniform

In addition, Parents were keen for students to continue to wear their blazers to and from school so they could be identifiable throughout the year, and we agree with this request. In addition, The Uniform Committee will be wearing the uniform during the remainder of the Summer Term to test the practicality of wearing the blazer during warmer weather.

Q&A from consultation event


  1. What if my child loses their blazer or they leave it on the bus?

Please ensure your child’s blazer is named, in the same way you label their PE kit. In the eventuality of them leaving it on the bus, please contact the bus company directly. They will help with the safe return of any left belongings in the same way they currently do.  If left at school, your child should report to Student Services where it will have been taken to the lost property. If it not found immediately, Student Services will lend your child a blazer in the same way they currently lend jumpers if necessary.

  1. Abbey College said  ‘’we will only need one blazer per child, how will I get it dry overnight if I need to wash it] ?’’

The blazers are good quality but light, therefore, they should dry overnight if placed in an airing cupboard or over a radiator.

  1. Do the girls have to wear tights all year round?

Yes, throughout the winter months. We will base our final decision after the summer trial with the Uniform Committee to establish the duration these should be worn. Boys will be expected to wear trousers throughout the year and socks should be a dark single colour.

After the consultation events last week, the Uniform Committee visited every form group to canvas students’ views on how many students are likely to purchase the new uniform in time for this September.  It is anticipated, from the survey that at least 600 students will be wearing the new uniform from September 2016.

In response to requests to view the proposed new uniform, photographs are found below and will also be made available on the school website today.

In order to ensure School Plus have sufficient stock for all sizes, please can you return the slip below to Student Services.