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A welcome message from Andy Christoforou, Headteacher at Abbey College

A good education is crucial for the wellbeing and fulfilment of our students. As society continues to change, it is important that school provides a safe and stable environment where all young people feel valued and where they can learn and achieve. A student’s education is not a dress rehearsal; they only get one chance. I believe that high quality teaching, learning, engagement and assessment is at the heart of every good school and I look forward to continuing my work with the staff at Abbey College to ensure our students have the best opportunities to be successful.  Our collective aim is to ensure that all students experience happiness, whilst they are challenged to meet goals and achieve their dreams, coupled with celebration, reflection and tradition. The work in the classroom is the key in our journey towards excellence, and the number of good and outstanding lessons has dramatically increased in two years.

We believe in Outstanding Judgment. The play is on the word ‘judgment’ because we want teachers to be outstanding in understanding what good or better teaching looks like, whether they are newly qualified or hugely experienced. This will support our drive for 100% good or outstanding teaching at Abbey College. Equally, we are looking forward to being awarded this judgment from Ofsted, although we are mindful of the fact that it is what we do every day in the classroom that matters most. Our school is noted for many things: ‘inspirational teachers’ is one comment I frequently receive. I also hear a great deal, from a range of visitors and external validators, about the high quality of relationships and positivity in the school, and this is evident to anyone walking around our academy.

We are very proud of the extra-curricular opportunities on offer and the range of clubs (over eighty) that take place throughout the day. We are also very proud of our students who in so many ways prove how wonderful young people can be. We have a large and growing number of Tolerance and Uniform Ambassadors, with the former running their own lunch time ‘Lounge’. The lounge is a haven where students can either speak to an Ambassador about any anxiety they may feel in or out of school, or simply socialise with friends in a smaller environment whilst enjoying for example, a game of Pool or completing a crossword. I hope this has whetted your appetite and piqued your interest – and I would be delighted to welcome real visitors, as well as virtual ones, so you can see our academy, students and staff for yourselves.  Please call or email and we will be delighted to arrange a personal tour for you.


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